Online Storage Rentals For Every Life Stage

storage rentals YakimaWhether you are downsizing, renovating, decluttering, retiring or traveling, Value Lock Storage has a clean option for your storage needs. Renting storage has become the order of the day for many life transitions and our trained staff will make any transition more comfortable for you and your loved ones. Use our Request Form to reserve your storage.

Pro Tips for Packing Your Storage

The team at Value Lock Storage put together these four tips to help you lay out the best way to move your things into your storage rental:

1. Stack, stack, and stack! While storage rentals come in a variety of sizes, most storage is eight feet tall or more. Place heavier items on the ground and stack lighter items on top as you go up.

2. Leave an aisle. A day will certainly come when you need something specific out of your storage, so leave an aisle about a foot or two wide (just large enough that you can walk down it easily), so you can easily access the items in the back without having to unpack and repack everything to get to them.

3. Utilize hollow room. If you have a dresser going into your unit, pack the drawers full of smaller items and consider putting a box or two inside a wardrobe, stove, fridge, or other larger item.

4. Keep frequently used items at the front and stuff that you won’t need for years in the back. Seems like common sense, but many people forget this!

Are People Renting For Home Staging?

Yes! When people put their homes on the market, the current trend is to de-clutter and stage the house, so it becomes easier to sell. While de-cluttering can be a good opportunity to get rid of excess things, most people want to hold on to their personal belongings for their next home. Thus, storage rentals are a great temporary option to help people sell their home. Short term storage is the perfect option when you are decluttering and staging a home.

If you are ready to rent storage, contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff to get started!

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